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enhancing your farm's water productivity and sustainability.

Achieve maximum yield with precision irrigation.

Expertly crafted irrigation plans focusing on water efficiency and optimised growth, catering to the unique demands of different crops.

We provide essential systems for crop-specific watering needs.

At Aquaperm, we understand that every crop has its unique needs. Our tailored Irrigation Design services ensure precision watering for healthier, more abundant yields.

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Agricultural Water Engineering

Custom Irrigation for Optimal Crop Growth

More Value Per Hectare
Increased Water Quality
Improved Crop Yield
Simplified Operations
Optimise Resource Usage
Join elite growers maximising their yield with our precision Irrigation Design services.
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Expert Irrigation Design for Farms

Our precision irrigation technology ensures every row of your farm gets the exact amount of water needed, maximising yield and reducing waste.


Customised micro-irrigation systems ensure your delicate greenhouse flora receive precise hydration without waste.

Vegetable & Row Crops

Efficient irrigation layouts for vegetables and row crops translate to uniform growth and sustainable water use.

Multi Season Crops

Adaptive irrigation plans support diverse crop rotations, providing flexibility and resilience throughout the year.

Tree Crops

Specialised drip and micro-sprinkler systems cater to the unique water needs of orchards, promoting deep root growth and healthy yields.

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Your Roadmap to Efficient Water Use

Our roadmap guides you through a journey of water efficiency, from initial assessment to ongoing optimization, ensuring your crops thrive with every drop.


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our eco-friendly agenda

We care about South African Rivers and water quality.

Aquaperm enhances South Africa's water quality through advanced purification and sustainable practices. Committed to environmental stewardship, they remove pollutants, ensuring clean water for communities and ecosystems. AquaPerm's precision-engineered solutions protect rivers and safeguard vital water resources for future generations.